Gas Analysis Workshop Berlin 2017

Gas Analysis Workshop 2017 Berlin
Thursday September 7th and Friday September 8th 2017, 09:00 to 17:00

Venue: TU Berlin, Institute of Energy Engineering, Fasanenstr. 89, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Program and the presentations from the workshop are here available for download as PDF-files:

Title Author(s) Institution(s)
Program of Gas Analysis Workshop 2017 Berlin
Thursday, September 7th 2017
Welcome and Introduction
Welcome York Neubauer TU Berlin
IEA Task 33 gas analysis report Guadalupe Aranda Almansa ECN
Current work related to gas analysis and product gas cleaning and upgrading at TU Berlin
Introducing the working group of Dr. Y. Neubauer @ TU Berlin York Neubauer TU Berlin
Application of the Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) for single compound
analysis in PAH mixtures
Thomas Mouton, York Neubauer TU Berlin
On-line Tar Monitoring using Light Induced Fluorescence Julian Borgmeyer TU Berlin
Non-thermal plasma application for enhancement of heterogeneous reactions
(in a reducing atmosphere and the presence of charcoal)
Philipp Schröder TU Berlin
Gas Cleaning with Activated Process Materials Omid-Henrik Elhami TU Berlin
Tar conversion over process char
Tar measurement with Petersen column and SPA method
Giulia Ravenni DTU Risø
VTT’s gasification gas analysis activities Niko Heikkinen VTT
Working Group "Tar Measurement"
Friday, September 8th 2017"
Wrap-up of the previous day
IEA Report Gas sampling and Analysis (Q&A) Guadalupe Aranda Almansa ECN
Working Group "Particle Measurements"
Particle Measurements Sergio Rodriguez PSI
Working group “Permanent gases; FTIR, μ-GC, NDIR”
Host site sewage sludge gasification
wet chemical methods for determination of gas impurities
see also presentation in the Stockholm workshop
Max Schmid IFK, University of Stuttgart
Working group “Test Gas Generation”
Test gas Generators and Calibration Systems York Neubauer TU Berlin
Summary of the Workshop and Next Steps