Gas Analysis Workshop Berlin April 3rd and 4th 2014

Gas Analysis Workshop 2014 Berlin
Thursday, April 3rd and Friday April 4th 2014,
Venue: TU Berlin, Institute of Energy Engineering, Fasanenstr. 89, 10623 Berlin

We will have our first stand alone workshop on gas analysis in Berlin on April 3rd and 4th. This meeting is also in parts a webinar. We will have workshop participants in Berlin and offer the possibility to join in via webinar.
The login information will be sent out via e-mail to registered participants. We will discuss the working areas of the gas analysis working group and set the route how to get on.
There will be a technical test for online participants to check whether their equipment works well with the system. This is especially important if you actively want to take part in discussions. For testing we are available on Wednesday April 2nd 15.00-16.00 CET (summer time).

Program and the presentations from the workshop are here available for download as PDF-files

Thursday, April 3rd

Title Author(s) Institution(s)
Program of Gas Analysis Workshop 2014 Berlin
Welcome and introduction to workshop, working group
and framework conditions
Y. Neubauer TU Berlin, Germany
Review of most relevant applications for diagnostic toolboxes M. Kleinhappl Bioenergy2020+
Graz, Austria
Generic learning from round robin tests
(PSI: Nov. 2013, KIT: March/June 2014) and planed follow up activities
S.Biollaz Paul Scherrer Institute
Villigen, Switzerland
Sampling, sample treatment and analysis for tars
and sulphur tars measurement (BTX, PAH, PASH)
S.Biollaz PSI
Comparative evaluation of different measurement approaches
for most relevant applications
M. Kleinhappl Bioenergy2020+
Perspective of gas analysis working group
(21st EBCE workshop Hamburg 25./26.6., IEA Bioenergy, timeline webinars)
Y. Neubauer TU Berlin

Friday, April 4th

Title Author(s) Institution(s)
Test gas generators and calibration systems Y. Neubauer TU Berlin, Germany
Introduction to the topic “dust measurement” S. Biollaz PSI
Particle measurement in gases, for particles larger than 1 micron M. Künstle PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
Notes about particle measurements M.Tarik
A. Hess
C. Ludwig
PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
Water measurements; an introduction M. Kleinhappl Bioenergy2020+
Sampling, sample treatment and analysis for light C and S-compounds
(C4 & C5, H2S, COS, mercaptan)
S.Biollaz Paul Scherrer Institute
Villigen, Switzerland
Summary of the workshop and next steps Y. Neubauer TU Berlin