Chemical Analysis in Bioenergy Conversion Processes

Challenge Event: Chemical Analysis in Bioenergy Conversion Processes

Gas Analysis Workshop 2014: Progress in tar & sulphur analysis and associated round-robin tests
Thursday June 26th 2014, 08.30 to 15.30, Room C 2.1, CCH - Congress Center Hamburg

Objective: In the processing of biomass into electricity, fuels, gases, heat and cold, chemicals and more a wide range of conversion technologies is applied. To assure quality of the desired products, analytical techniques for the analysis of feedstocks, products, by-products and effluent streams are needed. Further techniques for monitoring the process behaviour itself on-line, gain increasing interest. Analytical methods and techniques are an additional set of tools which are inevitably necessary for achieving progress in the field of biomass conversion technology.
This event, which started with a series of workshops on “tar analysis” and “gas analysis”, again brouught together experts especially from gas analytics in thermochemical conversion science. Nevertheless there are numerous links to fuel conditioning, processes in liquid phase or algae processing with similar analytical questions.
In this challenge event the current status and actual needs of sampling and analysis techniques was on the agenda. Some latest developments were presented and additional tools for method development such as dilution devices and test gas generation were shown and discussed. Further comparison of methods in round robins were on the agenda as weel as the preparation of further collaborative events.

Program and the presentations from the workshop are here available for download as PDF-files

Title Author(s) Institution(s)
Program of Gas Analysis Workshop 2014 Hamburg
Introduction to the challenge event and workshop Y. Neubauer TU Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Experiences supporting the IBR (integrated biorefinery) TIGAS project R. Slimane
C. Hopper
V. Dragan
O. Akpolat
Gas Technology Institute
Des Plaines, USA
Concept of round robins and host site activities M. Kleinhappl Bioenergy2020+
Graz, Austria
Method comparison for sampling and analysing syngas pollutants E. Basset GDF-Suez
Paris, France
Comparison of different methods for tar analysis based on SPA and wet-chemical tar sampling for thermochemical gasification of biomass S. Reil
J. Karl
H. Stork
S. Beer
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Sulzbach-Rosenberg,
Method catalogue M. Kleinhappl Bioenergy2020+
Graz, Austria
A Test gas generation system from Bioenergy 2020+ M. Kleinhappl Bioenergy2020+
Graz, Austria
Supplementary tools for gasification gas analysis M. Reinikainen
N. Kaisalo
S. Tuomi
P. Simell
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Espoo, Finland
Optical absorption spectroscopy for gas analysis in biomass gasification H. Grosch
A. Fateev
S. Clausen
K. L. Nielsen
DTU Technical University of Denmark
Roskilde, Denmark
Continuous tar monitoring via FID –Actual status of the further development of an online tar measurement device A. Gredinger University of Stuttgart - IFK
Stuttgart, Germany
Recent work on on-line tar analysis at TU Berlin Y. Neubauer TU Berlin
Berlin, Germany